Hello! I am a writer, teacher, and scholar. This is my website.


Christopher Lirette is a writer and scholar living in Atlanta, Georgia. His doctoral research focuses on the personal, historical, political, and lyric aspects of the decline of the Louisiana shrimp fishery in a world of global capital and communication.

His research interests include

  • labor and deindustrialization as they relate to cultural expression, identity, ethnicity, creolization, locality, temporality, imagination, belonging, and public policy
  • southern Louisiana and its historical imaginaries
  • American culture, politics, and history
  • experimental and visual scholarship, especially documentary filmmaking and humanities computing
  • popular culture, especially visual¬†representations of place and the politics of location shooting
  • interdisciplinarity

Curriculum Vitae


I teach American Studies classes at Emory University. I used to teach creative and expository writing at Cornell University.

Here are some courses I’ve designed and taught.


Some videos I filmed, produced, and edited.

Some photographs from my fieldwork.